April 10, 2015 PM


Roles that are hiring for:

– Content writers / Media creators
– Event volunteers
– Translators (Farsi/English)
– Audio Transcribers

If you are interested, send us a request to join via the contact form on the site and we will contact you ASAP if you qualify. Good Luck!

IBF Magnum Opus:

A Purpose driven project needs purpose driven people! We are looking to create a team of superheroes, except everyone’s super powers are subtly different forms of business acumen.

We want to make the largest dent in the universe we can.

We are the architects of change. The merchants Of progress. The ones who know first and sense earliest. We are looking for people that embody this vision. Can you play on this team?

What we want to do:
1. Disrupt traditionally defined hierarchical structures of industry.
2. Build for people.
3. Affect Change.We are looking for people that can punch above their weight class. But this might NOT be for you! This is NOT for you if:

You don’t refuse the socially conditioned narrative,
You follow a ‘defined’ path,
Are governed by institutional authority,
Play by others rules,
Are guided by a set of weak values,
Are CONFINED by social “labels”,
Are not FULLY DISCONNECTED from corporate mainstream group think..

Once Again – If you have Zero attunement to these things Leave Now.

We believe in the free and open exchange of assistance, ideas and opinions which are highly regarded and encouraged on this forum. The forum’s high standards reflected in these guidelines is to cultivate benevolence toward others and harmonise our attitude by bringing only benefit to our peers.

Even the most high octane, off the wall idea’s are welcome. No idea will be dismissed as out of hand.

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