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Inside Avatech – An Iranian Startup Accelerator (with Sara Usinger)

What is a young and fast growing startup community without a startup accelerator? Many talented individuals are embracing the entrepreneurship culture and are starting their own startups and businesses. However on the road to building their startups they often bump into many obstacles such as a lack of knowledge, mentorship, training, funding and in some cases co-working spaces. This is where accelerators come in. Accelerators provide the key components a startup needs in order to scale in its early stages.

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Women And Entrepreneurship In Iran in 2014: State of Play

In Iran, there was a time when if someone asked the question “Who is the manager/founder/CEO of your company?”, the answer usually started with “He is…”.

Despite the fact that in Farsi the terms “he” and “she” are the same, one would automatically assume it was a “he”. However today, that thought is rapidly changing in many professional and working circles in Iran and now many actually wonder whether the owner is indeed a man or is in fact a woman?
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