Persian Fireside Chats – London

Are you a humble startup founder? If you answered yes, you are in the right place. Access a totally unprecedented resource giving you point-by-point practical advice that is guaranteed to give you immediate results. We are opening up the vault to our “Mastermind Group” of Iranian Business Forum mentors. Drop in and book a free 20 minute consultation with one of our partners. Bring your business plan and utilise our world class technical expertise. A hands-on “How To” program designed to get rid of the guess-work, and take years off your learning curve.

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  • Bleeding Edge Solutions for getting feedback on your startup via a quick 3 step pre-event mentoring system designed to accelerate startups.
  • Potent and crucial feedback by demystifying start up myths and other jargon.
  • Load yourself with concrete tips and get full access to raid our personal stash of founder stories and experience.
  • Detailed breakdown of the different scenario’s you may be experiencing and discover how to by-pass all of them.
  • Questions & Answer” periods to provide breakthroughs for your most frustrating challenges.”
  • A fully interactive service which allows you to get the advisory you need, tailored to the exact business issues you face
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