Persian Fireside Chats – London

Arguably one of the most sought after high-powered networking circles of 2015/16… Get full immersion into our inner circle where you’ll meet a stellar cast of thought leaders, industry insiders and key social influencers. You will also be previewing the “Next Generation” community in our audience which is optimised to the fullest for THE LIVE EVENT. A fully immersive experience surrounded by so many people on the same journey as you… The most value per £ You’ll Ever See!

Lock Down Your Seat Right Now On The Guest list While It Is Still Hot In Your Mind..


  • MEET AND CONNECT with at least 100 other Iranian executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in 1 NIGHT!
  • Interact with a small group of top tier insiders who have the same mission, who connect regularly to talk about what they are doing, solve each other’s problems, collaborate on projects, and hold each other accountable.
  • No dreamnt up self promotion, No value takers and … No fluff. All highly selective, punched deep and pulled from relentless experience in the business world.

Final Verdict: This will go under your bucket list as Title: ‘People-i-wish-i-met-earlier’. A ‘Who’s who’ of the London scene DEMYSTIFIED in the most intimate and interactive environment. The sharpest minds come full circle.

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