Persian Fireside Chats – London

Get yourself an ‘Insider Access Pass’ to the most effective “Industry Secrets” in existence. Now you can get a permanent pass to download from the minds of industry professionals and entrepreneurs who have made it their life’s work to be world class in their field. Hear and explore practical, immediately usable and entertaining insider secrets. The fireside chat is about OPENING YOUR EYES to these critical insights and designed to entertain, shock, provoke and titillate simultaneously whilst giving you an informational advantage.

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  • 2 hours of our special guests heart and soul delivered via a fireside chat format. Followed by a highly responsive live audience Q&A and AMA.
  • In Conversation With: 5 way VIP entrepreneurs round table panel featuring special guests, HOT startups and interactive topics.
  • REVEALED! Hundreds of critical insights, killer effective ideas and secret “mastery level insights”.
  • Many MORE surprises throughout the night..

Final Verdict: An alluring, unforgettable and truly voyeuristic experience that is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Lock Down Your Seat Right Now On The Guest list While It Is Still Hot In Your Mind..

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