Persian Fireside Chats

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Venue & Location Details Announced

Our events are held in a private members club in London. You need to buy tickets when they go on sale in order to receive the full address.




Theme 1: Merchants of Progress

Great NEWS All Around This Week! The launch event of IBF’s Numa will be themed: ‘Merchants of Progress’ which will feature 3 technology entrepreneurs and technology enabled start ups.

Previous Events Review & Summary

Next month we will be holding a Fireside Chat Seminar featuring some unexposed and talented Iranian entrepreneurs in London. The Event will be 2 hours long and followed by an optional networking event. The basis will be on our own style, so expect some new ideas :-D

Rewind to Summer 2014, our first seminar in London.

Listening back to the seminar, it was far from perfect: we missed parts out, told our experiences in a rush and even left sentences unfinished. Yet the immediate feedback we got included:

“If you held consultancy sessions I’d pay for one”
“More charismatic than Richard Branson” Read more